Fully custom synthetic annotated image data for railway


Fully custom synthetic annotated image data for railway

Our Mission

Collecting annotated image data for railway is a very costly and labor intensive process. Unlike road networks in the automotive domain, railway networks are not publicly accessible and strict regulations on vehicle modifications apply in many countries that make it difficult to collect field data and run field tests. Consequently, currently available domain-specific data sets are very sparse in the industry and ADAS technology in railway is lacking behind automotive.

To push ADAS technology for railway, we provide fully custom synthetic annotated image data using the latest rendering technologies. Taking this as a first step, our ultimate goal is to minimize the need of field tests as much as possible. We envision a fully simulated and controlled environment where developers can both train and test-bench AI-based systems for railway.

Our Technology

Cutting-edge rendering technology provides visual fidelity that easily deceives the human eye. A customized version of the Unreal Engine 4 enables fully automated capturing of ground truth data, rendering scenarios at different times of day, and various weather conditions in real-time.

Our technology allows providing enormous quantities of annotated image data fast, fully customized and at low costs.

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